Verba-Android: A Latin-English Dictionary Application for Android

Verba-Android, like Verba-Console is a Latin-English dictionary application for the android platform based on An Elementary Latin Dictionary (1895) by Charlton T. Lewis.

The application accepts any inflectional form of the word, then presents a list of all matching inflections and lemmas, from which the definition may be accessed.

Size of Application: the apk is about 25MB, since it contains a compressed database holding the dictionary and morphological data. On first use, this database is unpacked and requires about 89MB of storage. Given this, it is recommended that you have at least 114MB of free space (though after database unpacking you will only use around 89MB of space).

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Verba-Console: A Latin-English Dictionary Console Application

Verba-Console is a console-based Latin-English dictionary application based on the public domain dictionary An Elementary Latin Dictionary (1895) by Charlton T. Lewis.

Verba provides a console-based Latin-English dictionary in which a search may be conducted using any form of a word. For instance, if you were to search for the word arma, verba would return:

arma (arma):
	    - noun nom neut pl
	    - noun voc neut pl
	    - noun acc neut pl
	    1. arma, ōrum; noun neut
	    1 AR-, implements, outfit, [rest elided for brevity]

	    arma (armo):
	    - verb second person sg pres imperat act
	    1. armo, āuī, ātus, āre;
	    arma, to furnish with weapons [rest elided for brevity]

Lewis' An Elementary Latin Dictionary was digitized by the Perseus Project by encoding this dictionary into TEI XML. The Perseus project also has generated morphological forms from the text corpus, and this is available in the Perseus Hopper source.

Download Verba-Console

Download the pre-built binaries. Unzip the file and read the for running the application.

Source is available from the verba-console git repository:


I would prefer to release under the GPL, but since Perseus won't dual-license I'm releasing this software under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) 1.1 using a provision (section 13) permitting licensing under the GPL. The only files not covered by this license are the two listed above.

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About Magnopere

magnopere, adv.
magnificentissimus (Cs., L.) or māgnō opere (T., C.), with sup.abl. of magnum opus, very much, greatly, exceedingly, particularly : nullā magnopere clade acceptā, L.: magno opere iucundum (i. e. valde).— Earnestly, zealously, vehemently, heartily, urgently : magno opere velle: magnopere cohortatus, Cs.: suadere, L.: quā de re magno opere vobis providendum est: mihi maxumo opere edicire, T.: a te maximo opere quaeso, ut, etc., most particularly.

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